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Colour Correspondence


Absorbing, Acceptance, The Afterlife, Banishing, Binding, Challenges, Determination, Death, Endings, Justice, Loss Release, Break Hexes, Repel Negativity, Protection, Rebirth, Spirituality, Strength and Self Control. Black helps gain access to the deeper levels of the unconscious and induce a deep meditative state.


A good choice for times when truth and guidance are needed. The Element of Water, Astral projection, Communication, Calm, Changeability, Devotion, Emotions, Focus, Forgiveness, Harmony, Health, Inspiration, Joy, Meditation, Occult Wisdom, Patience, Peace, Removing Bad/Negative Vibrations, Removing Communication Blocks, Sincerity, Spiritual Inspiration, Tranquillity, Will Power and Wisdom.


Animal Magick, Balance, Courage, Eliminate indecisiveness, Grounding, Finding lost objects, Manifestation Magick, Stability, Reconnection to the natural world.


The Element of Earth, Abundance, Acceptance, Balance, Changing Direction or Attitudes, Counteract Envy/Greed/Jealousy, Earth Mother, Faerie Magick, Fertility, Good Luck, Growth, Hand-fasting, Healing, Herb & Tree Magick, Luck, Monetary Success, Money, Nature Spirits, Personal Goals, Physical Healing, Planetary Healing, Prosperity, Fertility, Harmony and Rejuvenation


Ambition, Attraction, Business Success, Change of Plans, Change your Luck, Clearing the Mind, Creativity, Energy, Fun, General Success, Generosity, Healing, Justice, Legal Matters, Opening the Way, Opportunities, Overcoming Addiction, Plenty, Property Deals, Prophetic Dreams, Stimulation, Self-Expression, Vitality, Increase intellect, and combine with other colours to boost their action.


Affection, Attraction, Caring, Compassion, Domestic Harmony, Emotional Healing, Friendship, Honour, Increase Femininity, Joy, Love, Maturity, Morality, Nurturing, Planetary Good Will, Protection of Children, Self-improvement, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Healing, Relaxation, Romance.


Information onThe ideal choice for Magick rituals that are performed with the intent of contacting the spirit world. The Element of Spirit, Spiritual guidance, Spiritual Power, Ambition, Breaking Bad Habits, Business Progress, Clarity, Connection to Higher Self, Contact with Spirits, Dignity, Divination, Empowerment, Exorcism, Hidden Knowledge, Increase Intuition, Independence, Idealism, Inspiration, Insight, Mastery, Meditation, Overcome Depression, Power, Self-improvement, Spiritual Healing, Psychic Ability, Third Eye and Wisdom.


The ideal colour for Spells that aim to increase Will Power. The Element of Fire, Affection, Assertiveness, Blood of the Moon, Bodily Vigour, Career Goals, Courage, Driving Force, Energy, Enthusiasm, Fast Action, Fertility, Health, Love, Love Spells, Passion, Physical Power & Strength, Power, Protection, Strength, Survival, Vigour, Vitality.


All-purpose/ Substitution of any other colour. Full Moon Magick, Lunar Energy, The Goddess, Cleansing, Consecration, Healing, Higher Self, Innocence, Justice, Peace, Protection, Purification, Purity, Rest, Sincerity, Spiritual blessings, Spirituality, Truth, Unity, Vision, Warding off Fears and Doubts.


The element of Air, Intelligence, Ability to Handle Changes, Accelerate Learning, Action, Breaking Mental Blocks, Cheerfulness, Charm, Communication, Confidence, Concentration, Creativity, Devotion, Flexibility, Harmony, Imagination, Increase Intellect, Learning Ability, Logical Thought, Memory, Prosperity, Solar Magick, Study, Travel.

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